We are a fine wine importer and distributor and cannot sell directly to consumers. If you are a consumer and interested in our wines, let us know and we can tell you a local fine wine shop that carries any of our wines. You can also ask you local shop to inquire directly from us too.



Wines from Spain


Flama D Or Brut Cava

Flama D Or Rose Cava

Flama D Or Semi Sec Cava


Vega Clara Diez Almendros 2018


De Muller Les Pusses Priorat 2013 Tech

De Muller Solera Aureo Dulce 1954 Tech


Diez-Caballero Crianza 2015 Tech

Diez-Caballero Reserva 2010 Tech

Diez-Caballero Victoria Reserva 2010 Tech


Bodegas Forcata Herencia Baco Rioja Crianza 2015

Bodegas Forcata Herencia de Baco Rioja Reserva 2014

Bodegas Forcata Alma de Forcada Cepas Garnacha 2017

Bodegas Forcata La Forcada Rioja Blanco

Bodegas Forcata Flor De Baco Reserva Red Rioja 2008


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Wines from USA


Smokescreen The Chemist 2017 Tech

Smokescreen Alexander Valley Chardonnay 2018

Smokescreen Russian River Pinot Noir 2018

Smokescreen Napa cabernet 2016


Fiftyrow Silver Dollar Petit Sirah 2017

Fiftyrow Alice Block Cabernet Sauvignon 2016


Jack Winery Red Blend 2016

Jack Winery Two Old Dogs 2017


Reverent Cabernet Sauvignon California 2017


Michael Pozzan Chardonnay 2018 Russian River Valley

Michael Pozzan Sauvignon Blanc 2019 Napa Valley

Michael Pozzan Merlot 2018 Napa Valley

Michael Pozzan Pinot Noir 2017 Russian River Valley

Michael Pozzan Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 Alexander Valley

Michael Pozzen Zinfandel Oakville 2018

Michael Pozzan Sailors Grave Cabernet Sauvignon Napa 2018


Yount Mill 2018 Cabernet

Yount Mill 2018 Pinot


Dante 2016 Chardonnay

Dante 2019 Pinot Noir

Dante 2019 Merlot

Dante 2018 Cabernet

Dante 2019 Cabernet




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Wines from Australia

Hentley Farm – Villain & Vixen Grenache 2017

Hentley Farm – Villain & Vixen Shiraz 2017

Hentley Farm – The Stray Mongrel 2016

Hentley Farm – Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Hentley Farm – Shiraz 2016

Hentley Farm – The Old Legend Grenache 2015

Hentley Farm – The Beauty Shiraz 2015

Hentley Farm – The Beast Shiraz 2015

Hentley Farm – Clos Otto Shiraz 2014


Maxwell – Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2018

Maxwell – Little Demon Shiraz 2017

Maxwell – Ellen Street Shiraz 2017

Maxwell – Silver Hammer Shiraz 2017

Maxwell – Four Roads Grenache 2018

Maxwell – Honey Mead


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Wines from Italy

Anna Spinato El Vin Pinot Grigio 2019

Anna Spinato Rosato IGT Trevenezie

Anna Spinato El Vin Rose Prosecco Sparkling NV

Anna Spinato El Vin Prosecco Sparkling – Mini NV

Anna Spinato Prosecco DOC Brut


Tenuta Di Sticciano Casa La Fornace Chianti 2018 Tech

Tenuta Di Sticciano Chianti Riserva 2013 Tech

Tenuta Di Sticciano Chianti Riserva 2016 Tech

Tenuta Di Sticciano Attimo & Cantastorie 2015 and 2016 Tech


Tenuta Di Sticciano Vin Santo 2011 Tech


Riofava Gomba Dolcetto 2017

Riofava Gomba Barbera 2017

Riofava Gomba Barolo 2015

Riofava Gomba Suri Barolo 2013

Riofava Moscato Piemonte DOC


Podere La Vigna Brunello 2013 Tech

Podere La Vigna Brunello Riserva 2011 Tech

Podere La Vigna Brunello Riserva 2012 Tech

Podere La Vigna Rosso 2017 Tech